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What is Drafty?

Drafty isn't a loan, or an overdraft or a credit card. But it takes some of the best bits from all of them.

Drafty is a line of credit. If you know what that is, great. If you don't… well, that's also great, because we think you'll like it.

A credit line is like a pot of cash that we make available to you. Once you repay it, it's still there to use! You don't have to pay subscription fees or anything like that. You just pay interest on the cash you use until you repay it.

How much does it cost?

It costs 0.18% interest a day. That works out to around £5 per £100 for 28 days. No, that's not a typo. (Find out more)

Representative 89.7% APR
Using Drafty for the first time
Quick Decision

If you want to use Drafty, just apply using our quick form. You'll be asked some questions about yourself and your employment (and don't worry – we won't tell your employer that you're using us). We'll give you a quick decision.

Drafty App

If it's a ‘yes', you'll immediately have access to your brand new, shiny Drafty account either on our website or via our app.

Fund transfer time

Once you're in, we'll tell you how much you have available to borrow. Just choose how much you want and we'll send the money to bank in under 90 seconds!

Using Drafty again

Want to borrow cash again? Or borrow more? You can use as much as you want within the agreed limit. After receiving your consent, we do revise those limits every now and then, so you may be able to use more in the future, depending on your account behaviour and affordability checks.

Is Drafty an Overdraft?

An overdraft is run by a bank and part of your bank account. A Drafty credit line isn't, so it's not an overdraft.

Drafty's not part of your bank account, so it's not an overdraft. But if you're short of cash and you need a little more to get by, you might find it's cheaper than some overdrafts. If you've got an overdraft and you're going over your limit, you definitely might find Drafty a cheaper alternative to an unarranged overdraft.

Is Drafty a loan?

Nope! Loans have to be paid back within an agreed period, and then it's over.

With Drafty, if you pay the cash you borrow back, it's still there for you to use again!

Still not convinced?
Read what our customers say about us...
Credentials and certifications

Drafty, a trading name of GAIN Credit LLC

Company Registration No. 4124111

Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Registration Number 689378.

Authorisation can be checked on the Financial Services Register

Data Protection Registration No. Z2752028

Registered under the laws of Delaware, USA

Registered address: 2711 Centerville Road, Suite 400, Wilmington, DE 19808, USA

Lender Details: GAIN Credit LLC, Contact Address: Wisteria Grange Barn, Pikes End, Pinner, London, United Kingdom, HA5 2EX

Drafty is a credit line with a Representative 89.7% APR, and a maximum APR of 91.2%. If you draw £50 against your credit line at 89.7% APR, it would be paid off in 6 months for a total of £60. There are no additional fees. There is no minimum repayment period and no maximum repayment period as long as you continue to repay the minimum payment amount. We don't offer fixed loans under 60 days.