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10 ways to build your credit rating

For those who struggle to get credit because they don’t have a long credit history (e.g., they have never borrowed money from a financial...

Drafty’s epic paint fight – find your freedom!

In October 2016, Drafty took over a city centre warehouse in Manchester to bring the fight against unarranged overdraft fees to a totally new...

How much would you pay to borrow £100 for four weeks?

When money gets a little tight at times or we have a sudden, unexpected expense, some of us might turn to our friends or...

Debt and Christmas: How much do people spend?

We recently surveyed 1,000 UK residents on their spending habits over the Christmas period. What we found might surprise you! 71% of the people we...

Bank overdraft fees more expensive than payday loans, says which?

Watchdog group slams banks, compares cost of overdrafts vs. payday loans How much do you think you should pay to borrow £100 for 28 days?...


Drafty may sound like the feeling you get when autumn creeps in, or when you’re caught with your bits exposed! In fact, Drafty is a...

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